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I am sick of cute ceramics and meaningless figurative paintings and squiggly pattern rugs and collages of trendy imagery held under plexiglass and line art tattoos and sculptures made with spray foam and DIY furniture that was perfectly fine before but now has spray foam all over it and glasses of wine on a picnic blanket and pastel color cowboy hats and chainlinks and butterfly hair clips and monochromatic oatmeal outfits and white linen sheets and checkerboard print.

Here is something I am thinking whenever I see a TikTok or a viral post of a stranger that was taken without their knowledge. Or when I see a beautiful image that has been passed down from aesthetic blogs to an aesthetic instagram account to a compilation TikTok about being That Girl to a moodboard that lives in the bedroom of a 28 year old in Brooklyn and owns a plant that costs two hundred dollars then sent back to Instagram again in the form of an interior design brag-pic. Maybe the picture on the moodboard is of someone holding hands with their partner or a breakfast someone enjoyed or a field of flowers. I think: I wasn’t supposed to access this intimacy. I wasn’t supposed to see this picture. I have no idea where it originally comes from, I have no idea what it means, and all I can do is look at this image which has come to me by complete accident. I can only look without knowing enough to feel moved or excited or even repulsed.

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"The world is full of evil people and it is important to stand up to evil"

- Alan Dershowitz

"I've made a severe and continuous lapse in judgement, from which I do not expect to be forgiven."

- Logan Paul

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